The national football team has increased its preparations for the upcoming match against Thailand scheduled for tomorrow at Tamasat Stadium in the Thai capital Bangkok, in the third clashes of white qualifying for the 2022 World Cup and 2023 Asian Cup, for Group G which also includes the teams of Vietnam, Thailand and Indonesia Especially since the meeting is of great importance to the two teams, to confirm the top of the group, which is white with six points after the victory over Malaysia and Indonesia, while the Thai team is second with four points.

White performs his basic flexibility today under the leadership of Dutch coach Van Marwijk and his assistant, and showed through the recent exercises readiness of players physical and technical for the game, overcoming the exhaustion of playing against Indonesia and then travel directly to Thailand in a six-hour trip, in addition to morale The high players enjoyed and their determination to perform well culminate in a win, which is very important for both teams, especially white, who seek to achieve a positive result in three stages of his qualifying campaign, consolidating his lead to Group G.

Van Marwijk's coaching staff focuses on the perfect preparation for the match, increasing the focus and making good use of the opportunities offered to the players during the game, with a focus on the game plan, which depends primarily on the imposition of the team's style on the Thai team, in anticipation of his matches at the speed that does not suit the white It is likely that the elements of the line of defense will be stable, while the center will consist of Ali Salmeen and Ahmed Berman, and in front of them the duo Ali Saleh and Khalil Ibrahim, who have shown a good level during the The last two games will determine whether Amouri will start the game from the beginning or will be a reserve to be paid during the game according to his physical readiness, and there is a possibility that Amouri will participate from the beginning of the game in order to adjust the rhythm of the white and strengthen the attacking part of the rebounds, especially after his brilliance In the second half of the match against Indonesia, turning the tune of the game in favor of the white game and result, and his presence will confound the calculations of the opposing team, who are well aware of the technical value of Amouri.

Today, the technical staff will hold a video lecture for the players on the technical aspects of the Thai team and the way and style of play in the last two games against Indonesia and Vietnam, in addition to holding special sessions with a number of stars of the national team, to increase their enthusiasm and demand them to play tactical roles during the game enhance the desire to achieve a positive result.

On the other hand will be held tomorrow morning the technical meeting of the game in the presence of AFC officials and the match observer and representatives of the two teams, where the final list of each team consisting of 23 players according to the list of qualifiers, in addition to the adoption of the colors of the teams and discuss some technical aspects of the game.

The technical meeting will be followed by the press conference in the stadium's conference hall in the presence of the coach of each team, in addition to one of the players, to talk about the latest technical preparations for the match.

Ali Saleh: Geely looks forward to qualifying for the World Cup

The national team and Al Wasl Club Ali Saleh, who appeared at a good level during the meeting with Indonesia, that «the next meeting against Thailand famous (war elephants) is not easy, because the rival team of the new teams in the qualifiers, and has four points and play at home and among fans. But such things motivate our players to deliver a strong performance that culminates in a positive result that enhances our lead in Group G.

Ali Saleh said that «the victory over Malaysia and Indonesia gave our players a high moral dose, motivating them to a strong performance during the next game against Thailand, crowned with a positive result, but such results need more effort and a higher focus, because the ambitions of the opposing team to take the lead is not few, He is one of the strong and ambitious teams in those qualifiers, which drives us to increase the focus and implement the instructions of the technical staff accurately.

Ali Saleh hoped that the players of the current team will achieve their wish to qualify for the World Cup 2022, to be the second qualification for the white in his history.``This security motivates us as players to continue to win and sacrifice for the national team, because participating in world championships is an honor and achievement for any player who plays sports. ''

Ali Saleh expressed his happiness with the great result achieved by white during the match against Indonesia in the last round, and said: «We dedicate our victory to our loyal fans who did not spare the support and encouragement of the players during the game, which had the effect in raising the morale of the players and their adherence to the opportunity to win, which made white "We will not give it up in the coming rounds with great support and encouragement from everyone. Such a positive atmosphere will enhance the team's progress and drive them to win and challenge all the conditions they face."