Gymnastics World Championship Men's personal total 萱 to 6th place on October 12th 4:19

The gymnastics world championship held in Germany was the final of the men ’s individual competition on the 11th, and Kazuma Tsuji was 6th after last year's tournament, and Japan won the medal for two consecutive tournaments in this event. I could not do it.

The gymnastics world championship held in Stuttgart, Germany, was held on the 8th day of the tournament on the 11th day of the men ’s individual finals.

Sakai showed stable performance with the second kind of “Anma”, and the subsequent “Changing Wheel” did not shake upside down, marking 14.300, the third place overall.

However, the landing of the 4th kind of “Jumping Horse” was greatly disturbed and the score was not increased.

Sakai scored a total of 85.899 for the sixth class, and finished sixth after last year's tournament.

Japan missed the medal for the first time in 23 years, except for the tournament that stopped dispatching players in this event last year.

The gold medal was Russian Nikita Nagorny, who scored 88.772.

“Jumping horses will be a major issue for next year”

Samurai, who finished 6th in the overall personal career last year, said, “I feel confident that I could mark 15 points with a parallel bar, but I could n’t increase the score because of the jumping horse. I was n’t in time, and I could n’t make a horse that I could fight in the world.

In addition, “We scored better than last year's competition in the overall score of the individual, so while we feel the growth, the world's rivals have also increased their scores, so we have to improve our ability even more. I think Japanese ace can do so, so I want to make that a goal, "he was talking about enthusiasm for next year's Tokyo Olympics.