Bangkok - Thailand's national football team carried out their first training session in Bangkok on Tuesday to prepare for Tuesday's match against Thailand in the third round of Group G qualifying for the 2022 World Cup and the 2023 Asian Cup.

The team left for Bangkok after their match against Indonesia the day before yesterday, at Al Maktoum Stadium at Al Nasr Club in Dubai, where they won five clean goals to lead Group G.

For his part, the manager of the team Ismail Rashid, that the team achieved in the Indonesia game several gains, most notably: the return of Omar Abdul Rahman as a player of great technical value as well as striker Ahmed Khalil, and the return of the team to score goals by striker Ali Mabkhout three goals in one game after the absence of goals in During the last period, in addition to the availability of a ready-made substitute and the team played for the comprehensive ball, as the whole team played well and the moral preparation of the players by the administrative and technical staff and the emergence of the player Ali Saleh well, describing the data achieved by the team in this game good.

Ismail Rashid said in a press statement after the match Indonesia: «The gains achieved by the team in the match against Indonesia is good, we have seen the team playing the ball offensive comprehensive and for the moral preparation of the players was excellent».

He described the next match against Thailand as the most important for the team, pointing out that the Thai team has developed a lot, and is the only opponent of the team in this group, stressing that the national team is dealing with each match piece.

With regard to his opinion of the Dutch coach Van Bert Marvik, Ismail Rashid said, "Marvik came to work with the team professionally, and he has players to respond to him," noting that "it is difficult to judge the coach now, and over time, the team under his leadership Best".

Khalid Issa: I learned a lot from Majid and Khaseef

Al-Ain goalkeeper and the first national football team Khalid Issa said that his years with the national team and the people who have been tenth of them learned a lot from them, especially his teammates Al-Ahli and Al-Jazira Majid Nasser and Ali Khasif respectively, pointing out that this was reflected on his level on the pitch. He pointed out that this experience obtained by now gives it to young players in the team, stressing that the presence of Omar Abdulrahman in the team is a great addition after the team missed him in the last period, describing Amouri as a player that makes the difference with any team.

Khaled Essa said in a press statement: «The competition between the goalkeepers in the team is honest, our hearts always on each other, and I hope that the players away from injuries because they need the efforts of each player».

Hassan Suhail: Satisfied with the performance

A member of the technical affairs and teams in the Football Federation supervisor of the first national football team, Dr. Hassan Suhail, they are satisfied with the performance of the players during the match against Indonesia the day before yesterday, pointing out that the performance is developing from one game to another, and that the players have a lot that can They present in the coming games.

Hassan Suhail said in press statements the importance of the next match against Thailand.

Injury unscathed muscle strain

The national team manager Ismail Rashid revealed that the injury suffered by the player Ali Salmeen is a muscle strain in the feet, pointing out that Salmeen was participating in a military course and has not yet reached the degree of fitness by 100%, but it is one of the elements that depend on it Dutch national team coach Marvik.

Marvik: Mabkhut, Amuri and Khalil made the difference

Dutch national team coach Van Marwijk said that he was very satisfied with the team because of the technical level of his advanced game against Indonesia, pointing out that the team was organized defensively, along with Ali Mabkhout, striker Ahmed Khalil and playmaker Omar Abdulrahman They made the difference by entering in the second half, pointing out that the team dominated the pitch for 90 minutes.

"All the players have fulfilled the tasks I asked them during the game. For me, I am very happy with the level of Mabkhout, as well as all the players," Marvik said during his post-match press conference at the Al Nasr press conference room in Dubai.

"The players were very disciplined on the pitch not only in terms of tactical performance but towards the referee," Marvik said.

Marvik stressed that regardless of the circumstances of each match, they must get used to playing at a high level.

The coach pointed out that the game against Thailand next Tuesday will be different, and that the team has already begun to prepare for it.

"The team is full of young people," Marvik said.

"We could have scored five or six goals in the second half," he said. "It is natural for us to need individual performance. For me, I am confused. On the one hand, I give young players the chance. On the other hand, as a coach I want to win."