Tunisian players posted a video on social networking sites showing the player Omar Nasri, along with the rest of his team, through which he explained the truth of the video spread on news channels of the scandal of shoe theft from a sports shop.

The player said in the video published on Tunisian media and newspapers: “The channel broadcasted lies and slander, and all that is that 'the players wandered in the store and tried shoes not stolen waiting for the payment of the head of the mission, who informed us in advance how much can We buy it. "

An Australian media had accused some of Tunisia's mini-football players of stealing sneakers from a West Perth store worth more than $ 3,000.

`` The player who filmed him outside was invited by the store's officials to go out and shoot, and because he was unable to speak Australian, it was the same, '' he said.

Nasri explained that the Australian police did not bring any accusations to the team, and that what happened was a misunderstanding, and no player did abusive behavior, and left the players on a bus.