Dallas Maverick General Manager and Basketball Director Donnie Nelson and Chairman and Founder of Hyperloop Transportation Technologies, Bebob Gresta, will participate in the Dubai Sports Intelligence Conference and Exhibition, the first of its kind in the region organized by the Dubai Sports Council. Under the patronage of HH Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai, Chairman of the Executive Council of Dubai and Chairman of the Dubai Sports Council, from 14 to 15 October at Rashid Hall, Dubai World Trade Center.

Nelson talks about the artificial intelligence techniques that Dallas Maverick uses to train and qualify players, to develop the latest technology during a session titled “Audiences and Smart Stadiums,” as well as the role of artificial intelligence in the development of basketball in general. Nelson is one of the stars of the game in the sixties and seventies, and is a prominent coaches march from the mid-seventies to 2010, during which he coached several large teams in the NBA, and won the title of five times.

Dubai Sports Artificial Intelligence Conference and Exhibition will be hosted by Bebop Gresta, Chairman and Founder of Hyperloop Transport Technologies, who will speak during a session titled “Future Sports” about the future of challenge sports and ways to develop them with the latest artificial intelligence technologies used in the Hyperbulb projects.

Bebop Gresta created a capsule designed to transport passengers very quickly to long distances, and is part of the future high-tech transport system. Hyperloop is an electromagnetic propulsion system that accelerates the compartments and pushes them up through an intercity pipe. The compartments include a conveyor and a pressure vessel connected to a metal structure that enables From acceleration to top speed, various interior environments and seating arrangements provide travelers with a travel experience tailored to their needs, whether traveling alone or in groups.

Hyperloop systems use magnets to reduce the weight of compartments in a vacuum tube, creating conditions that allow them to transport people and goods at speeds of up to more than 1,100 kilometers per hour.An untrained technology has so far been proposed as an alternative to existing rail infrastructure around the world.

Ukrainian Olympic swimming champion Yana Glychkova, who won four gold medals at the Olympics, will also speak at a session entitled `` Academies of Sports and Technology '', and will talk about the role of artificial intelligence in the development of swimming training, and review the latest techniques used in training to reach the highest level of performance. Alessio Rossi, dean of the Faculty of Technology at the University of Pisa, will also talk about artificial intelligence in football at the Innovation and Development session. The artificial performance of athletes continues. The registration process continues for those wishing to attend sessions and workshops of the conference and exhibition of companies from inside and outside the UAE through the website

WWW.DAIS.AE according to a range of options to suit different interests.

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Olympic swimmer

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