Save the football club in the clubroom! Support circles spread on the net ... October 9 23:51

On the 6th of this month, due to a suspicious fire, the club in Ehime University's American Football Club was burnt down, and many armors such as helmets and spikes were lost. Players who asked for support while the game was about to close. The call spread on the internet.

At the Ehime University American Football Club, the club room in Yamakoshi, Matsuyama City, was burnt down due to a suspicious fire in the early morning of this month.
The fire burned all the armor, such as 26 shoulder pads and helmets, and spikes worn by the players.

One of the members said, “I couldn't believe it. I had decorated trophies and photos, so my past memories disappeared. The cause of the fire was not clearly determined, but I was sorry.” .

On the 12th of this month, Ehime University's American Football Club was approaching the first round of the final official game for 4th year students.

For this reason, we posted that we wanted to transfer armor, such as shoulder pads, to the Facebook page. He complained that he wanted to put his best into the game.

American football friends from other universities responded to these voices. Calls spread on Twitter, and the circle of support spread more and more.

as a result….

In the Ehime University American Football Club, helmets and spikes were received one after another from universities and teams in Osaka and Tokyo.
The players try on the armor they have received and confirm that they can be used in the game.

With all players ready, the American Football Club is expected to be able to participate in the official game in Hiroshima City on the 12th of this month.

Rikiya Ishikawa, captain of the American football club, has renewed his mind, “I don't think we can get so much support, we really appreciate your warm support. We definitely want to win the next game.” It was.

This support is "I was closed at 3pm on the 9th".