Professional Baseball Climax Series Giant Before Final Final Adjustment October 8th 18:43

The giant who won the league in professional baseball and the SE League for the first time in five years will make adjustments at the Tokyo Dome in front of the final stage of the climax series starting on the 9th. I sweated.

The giant who won the league for the first time in five years this season will face the final stage of the climax series, which entered the Japanese series from the 9th, and will face the 3rd place Hanshin who defeated DeNA on the first stage.

Players made adjustments at Tokyo Dome on the afternoon of 8th and won three titles, including the most wins, and pitcher Shun Yamaguchi, who started the first match on the 9th, stretched carefully after long throws and catch balls to climb the board. Prepared.

In batting practice, this season only, Shinnosuke Abe and captain Hayato Sakamoto, who retires from active duty, showed a sharp hit of the liner, and No. 4 Kazuma Okamoto hit the fence many times. I was able to see the smooth adjustment after hitting.

Pitcher Yamaguchi expressed his willingness to say “I am honored to have the first match and I am very excited. I want to do my best to deliver victory to the team because it is a short-term battle.”

In addition, Director Tokunori Hara said, “The players are swaying away from the game.