Taekwondo Association All members including the president

With regard to the strengthening system and policies of the “All Japan Taekwondo Association”, there are conflicts between the association and the players. We decided to hold an extraordinary general member meeting to re-select all directors including Chairman Noboru Kanehara, as reforms are necessary.

“All-Japan Taekwondo Association” and Japanese representative candidates were in conflict with each other on the strengthening policy and management of the association, and a meeting was held on the 1st of this month. It was a situation of leaving, and the gap between the two sides was not filled.

At the regular board meeting held on the 8th, the resignation of all directors, including President Kanehara, was discussed, but only the resignation of some directors was offered.

Under these circumstances, the “regular members” such as representatives of prefectural associations have chosen the 16 directors, including Chairman Kanehara, as it is difficult to reach the Tokyo Olympics and fundamental reform of the organization is necessary. It was found through interviews with the parties concerned that the policy of requesting the convening of the regular member general meeting was fixed.

The association's Articles of Incorporation stipulate that if more than one-fifth of all full-time members call for an extraordinary general meeting after giving reasons, the president must convene the general meeting.

According to the association, if a majority of full members attend the meeting and a majority of the attendees agree, then all directors will be dismissed. As of 1st of this month, there are 22 regular members.