• Confirmation: Andy Murray will play the Australian Open

A noise that could have been emitted by Fabio Fognini in the middle of a point was the trigger for an argument with Andy Murray , who exploded on Tuesday before the press accusing the Italian of mocking him. "I should not have become entangled with him, but I do not allow him to talk to me like that on the track, " said the British tennis player after the intense game of more than three hours in the second round of the Shanghai Masters 1,000, which ended up losing in the tiebreaker of the third set.

In the last points of the game, both players began to discuss after Fognigi, number 12 of the world, emitted an inappropriate sound, according to Murray. " Someone made a noise. I didn't know who and looked in the direction where the noise was coming from . Then he told me: 'Stop looking at me. Why are you looking at me?' I was about to hit and someone made a noise ... and this is against the rules, "he explained.

"He told me to stop complaining, to have a sense of humor" but "none of us, I would say, at that moment, we wanted to be kidding." Murray continued. At the end of the game, the British complained to the referee, with the sole purpose of recording. "I don't know what the rules are about this. I've never lived something like that in a game and I've played, I don't know, 800 maybe," added Dunblane, winner of 45 titles in his career.

Murray was deeply disappointed with his defeat. "I served to win the game twice and I lost after three hours. It's the first time that happens in my career. I served to win a game twice and I didn't win. So I'm disappointed by that, " said the player, who He confirmed that in addition to the Antwerp tournament, he will also play with his team the Davis Cup Finals to be held in Madrid in November.

"What is your program from now on? Do you have an idea of ​​what is left until the end of the year? He was asked." I will play in Antwerp, and then the Davis Cup . That is my plan right now, "Murray confirmed.

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