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World Gymnastics Championship Men's Qualifying Japan 2nd place in the group | NHK News


The gymnastics world championship held in Stuttgart, Germany, was scheduled for the boys ’qualifying on the 7th, and Japan ’s first 18-year-old Daiki Hashimoto appeared ...

World Gymnastics Championship Men's Qualifying Japan Group 2nd provisional second place Oct. 7 22:11

The gymnastics world championship held in Stuttgart, Germany, had a boy ’s qualifying on the 7th, and Japan ’s 18-year-old 18th-year-old Daiki Hashimoto played an active part in scoring top Japanese players. When Japan finished the competition, it was tentatively ranked second in the group.

The qualifying also serves as a group, individual synthesis, and event-specific qualifying. In the group, four teams will perform in six events, and the top three will score.

Japan was a group bronze medal at last year's tournament, and Hashimoto, who was the second high school student in history and selected as the World Championship representative in the first event “Anma”, showed a beautiful performance with his feet fully stretched and was the top player in Japan. No. 14.883 was marked, and three people made a good start with 14 points.

Hashimoto is the top Japanese player in all four types of competitions, such as deciding the high difficulty “Lopez” in the third kind of “jumping horse” and marking 14.766, and “Cassina” in the G difficulty also in “bar”. I pulled Japan by scoring 14 points.

Japan marked a total of 258.026, placing it in the provisional second place after Russia last year's tournament silver medal at the end of the competition.

In the personal overall, Kazuma Tsuji, who won 6th place at last year's competition, showed stable performance through the 6th event and marked 85.731, which is provisional 3rd place.

Sho Tanikawa has a big mistake in “Jumping Horse” and so on, and is ranked provisional 26th at 80.531.

The men's group will be finalized around 5:30 am on the 8th of Japan time.

First appearance 18-year-old Daiki Hashimoto "I can do a little more"

Hashimoto said about the performance of “Anma”, the first event, “Three people who performed before me performed well, so I thought I would make a better flow. I think that I was able to perform well after that, so I think that it became easier for everyone to do it later.I think I can do a little more, so I would like to adjust it so that I can do the best in the final tomorrow. ” .

Regarding the world championship, which was the first appearance, “The cheering of the venue was amazing and it was easy to send a big applause after my performance. It was an atmosphere like acting in my high school. "I was talking with a smile."

Sho Tanikawa "I'm annoying the team"

Tanikawa, who participated in the sixth event in qualifying and made a lot of mistakes such as “Jumping Horse” and “Yuka”, said, “Today, I really disturbed the team. “The last yuka did not work well,” he said.

For the finals, he says, “We have not yet decided which event will be played in the finals, but we want to adjust it so that it will not be like today, aiming for perfection. It was.

Kazuma Tsuji “In the final, the group also points first”

Kazuma Tsuji showed stable performances in all six events, and about the third place in the personal overall, “Because it was the first performance in many events, I was thinking of connecting without any mistakes. I was able to perform without major mistakes, and I was able to get a high score with Anma and parallel bars and showed me that I was more power-up than last year. ”

For the final, “I have not been able to stop the landing yet, so I want to aim for a perfect performance so that there is no small deduction in that part. I was talking strongly.

Director Mizutori "The players were able to cover each other"

Men ’s director Mizutori Susumu said that “Tanikawa Ko was injured on the left ankle just before the tournament,” he said, “We were worried about the team, such as changing the players to be appointed. On the other hand, there were mistakes in some places, so I would like to think about how to get to the finals, including the composition of the performance, once again. "

Regarding the fact that all of the four events that Hashimoto participated in scored the top score for Japanese players, “It was great that the first high school students were able to perform that much. Enjoy the gymnastics without hesitation on this stage. It was very impressive and Kohei Uchimura was close to Sugo who was acting without fail every time. "It will be a big harvest for the Tokyo Olympics."

As Tanikawa, who was expected to play the role of Ace, made a mistake, “Unlike other players, it became a risk that he continued to increase the difficulty of the technique. It gave me the courage to “can win China and Russia” and pulled the team all over Japan, but this time I ’m sorry to make a mistake, but I ’m confident that this process will lead to the Tokyo Olympics. "

Source: nhk

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