It was at 12.30 that a man called in to Skövde municipality and said that there was a bomb in Arena Skövde.

The arena, which at the time contained about 200 people, was quickly evacuated and several police patrols quickly arrived and investigated the scene - but found nothing, reports SVT News West.

Extra police surveillance

At 16, the barriers were canceled at the arena, which meant that the match in the Handball League between IFK Skövde and Ystads IF could be played as planned in the evening. But there was extra police surveillance of the match after the events earlier in the day.

- For the sake of general security, we decided to use enhanced surveillance during the match, says Staffan Dahlborg at the Skövdepolisen to P4 Skaraborg.

Exciting end minutes

The match then? It was long even, with a small head start for Ystad. But just before the break, the guests snatched a four-goal lead, and for most of the second half their lead was about that size.

But in the final minutes it got really exciting - and in the final minute of the match Skövde was really close to acknowledging. But first, goalkeeper Markio Lipovac made a nice save first, and on the return Matias Jepsen hit the post and the match ended 22-21 to the visiting Ystads IF.


Arena Skövde was evacuated after bomb threat Photo: SVT