Volleyball Men's World Cup Japan won Argentina 3rd win October 6 22:28

In the fifth round of the volleyball men's World Cup, Japan played against Argentina, winning a set count of 3: 1 and taking the third victory of the tournament.

Japan, who ranked 11th in the world ranking, played 2 wins and 2 losses and played against Argentina, which ranked 7th in the world, in Round 5 held in Fukuoka on the 6th night.

In Japan, the first set started, and Yuki Ishikawa, who was an ace player, blocked the opponent's attack, such as blocking the Argentine spike, and took the lead at 25:19.

In the second set, Ishikawa pulled the team by deciding sharp spikes and a strong back attack, and took two sets in a row with 25 to 20.

The third set suffered the opponent's quick attack and dropped it 26-28, but the following fourth set was a 19-year-old who was strong in this tournament, with a high-spike spike where Nishida Yushi took advantage of the service ace and the jumping ability After deciding and taking the lead again, Ishikawa also scored with 25 to 22 points in a continuous spike and won the third win with a set count of 3: 1.

Japan will win the match so far with 3 wins and 2 losses, and will play 16th in the world in the 6th round of this month.