Selection session for group members next season for the Rhythmic Gymnastics Olympics October 6 21:35

In last month's rhythmic gymnastics world championship, a selection event was held in Tokyo to select the members of the Japanese national team that won the silver medal in the group overall, and athletes aiming to participate in the Tokyo Olympics appealed their abilities.

Last month, at the World Rhythmic Gymnastics Championship held in Azerbaijan, Japan won a silver medal for the first time in 44 years for a group of Olympic events, and one gold medal and one silver medal for each type of organization not held at the Olympics. I won.

The group will perform with five people, but the Japanese Rhythmic Gymnastics representative will hold an annual screening to select the members who will participate in the tournament as “Fairy Japan”.

On the 6th, a selection meeting was held for the next season when the Tokyo Olympics will be held in Tokyo.

In addition to 12 members of this season, including Hayato Sugimoto, who has served as captain, 35 people aged 14 to 25, including players who are aiming to become representatives, participated in the selection.

The point of selection was the ability to adapt to the performance of the group as well as the style and physical ability. On the 6th, tests using balls, clubs and hoops were conducted.

In this test, all participants showed how to handle clubs with the same song and choreography, showing Sugimoto's ability to win two medals by using his wrist softly and handling two clubs accurately.

“As a result of the annual selection, the young and veteran teamed up well and achieved good results in the World Championships. I think it was good that I was more interested in appealing technology than last year. I would like to see not only the Tokyo Olympics, but also young people who will lead to the next Paris, "he said.