Khalaf Mubarak, Hassan Al-Mahrami and Mohammed Al-Shamsi will be excluded from the squad that will face Indonesia on Thursday at Al-Maktoum Stadium at Al-Nasr Club in the second round of the 2022 World Cup and Asian Cup 2023 qualifiers. After the medical tests proved their injury and their need for treatment, the technical staff decided to include Sharjah goalkeeper Adel Al Hosani in the national team.

For his part, the director of the first national football team, Ismail Rashid, revealed that they will study with the Technical Affairs Committee and national teams in the Football Federation the possibility of opening the training of the team to the public before the upcoming match against Indonesia, describing the large public presence in the stands during the first three rounds of the league The Arabian Gulf is a positive sign of the possibility of a large public presence behind the team in the stands during the match Indonesia, stressing that the commitment to training and discipline before the game will lead to better work, considering that the game Indonesia difficult. "The idea is good, but it is supposed to be 48 hours before the match, and we will study the matter with the technical and national committee," Ismail Rashid told reporters when asked about the possibility of opening the team's training to the public before the meeting.

In its recent coordination meetings with club fan associations, as well as with representatives of local newspapers and television channels, the Football Association is seeking to mobilize the largest number of fans behind Al-Abyad during the Indonesia match. The national team continues to prepare for its match against Indonesia, where the players performed the first training session, the day before yesterday, with enthusiasm, seriousness and high morale.

Al-Abyad is in Group G, which includes Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam and Thailand. "The moral aspect before the game is complementary to the tactical side of the team, because the moral side has a big role in the team to reach a better stage," Ismail Rashid said. He added: «The public presence in the stands during the first three rounds in the league is a positive sign for the presence of a large crowd behind the team, because when you play in front of a large audience, competition on the pitch increases, as well as confidence and spirit, and the more confidence increases the aesthetics in performance». He continued: «technical and administrative staff after the training conducted by the team, the day before yesterday, a meeting with the players during which talk about the next phase in the march of the team. "Our goal is to reach the Asian Cup and the World Cup," said Ismail Rashid. "This comes through continuous work and focus in all the games we will play."

Asked about the correctness of the impression of the players that the game will be easy Indonesia, said: "Sure, the players have this impression, but there are players in the team with a lot of experience in dealing with such games, and the technical staff will focus "Through training on this side, the same will be done by the administrative staff of the team." As for the process of harmony between the players of the team, Ismail Rashid, that this comes on the pitch through training and listening to the instructions of the coach, pointing out that «although there are new players in the ranks of the team, but in contrast, most of the old players have the desire to deliver any Information to all players ». Ismail Rashid stressed that the collective spirit is supposed to be present in the team, pointing out that it appeals to the public to come to Al Maktoum Stadium and support the team, stressing that the team needs the confidence that it derives from the presence of the public.

`` As long as the coach has chosen 26 players, he needs everyone, '' the manager said.``The coach will choose 11 players for the match, but it depends on their readiness and understanding of the coaching staff's tactical instructions.

Exhaustion will be present on the Bangkok trip

National team manager Ismail Rashid spoke of the possibility of players exhausted by traveling to the Thai capital Bangkok immediately after the match against Indonesia in preparation for the meeting of Thailand on January 15, in the qualifiers for the World Cup 2022 and the Asian Cup 2023, said: «Certainly exhaustion will be present for For the players, especially the adaptation of the atmosphere in Bangkok needs four to five days, and there is also a timing that will play a role in this aspect, but I think there is a similarity in the weather between the UAE and Thailand ».

With regard to the possibility of the use of coach Marvik new elements of the players, the manager stressed that the current period is short, but it is possible to think about this aspect later.