Al Ain Football Club submitted a formal protest to the Football Federation and the Professional Association about the arbitration errors affecting the result of the first team's match against its host Sharjah Club. The club confirmed in an official statement published on its website and official accounts on social networking sites on the Internet, that the video technology project “VAR” has been adopted with the aim of improving the performance of the referees and ensuring the principle of equal opportunities between competing clubs in all matches in various tournaments.

The club said in its statement today that the management adopts the concept of good thinking in all, starting from the responsibility of the club as an entity in the sports system at the local and continental levels, which includes support for the ambitions of the Football Association and the Association of Professionals, as the club has greater responsibilities towards its fans and the loyal and supportive of the team in all games locally and abroad and remained Its huge budgets is made.

He explained: the decision to cancel a correct goal for Al Ain at a crucial time of the game affected the result as confirmed by all the judging experts in various channels, which cost the club and its fans a loss of three points in the journey to challenge the title, stressing: “There seems to be a flaw that does not benefit from those The technology that has been found to establish justice and fair play in football. ”

The club praised the performance of the first ball team against its host Sharjah and the technical staff led by the Croatian coach, Ivan Lecco, as he showed a strong performance despite the absence of important circumstances in the team list and confidence is always great in all management, players and fans to pursue excellence and excellence to achieve the highest indicators of success.

Al Ain said in a statement that the loss of a game in the early stage of the competition away from the ground is possible in the world of football and not the end of the challenging journey and ambitions of the club during the current season, under the high patronage of the leadership of the club and the determination of the stars of the team and their desire to achieve the desired goals in addition to Strong and striking support from the fans of the club for the ambitions of "leader".