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World Championships in Athletics: Kitsch in Qatar


Mutaz Essa Barshim wins gold in high jump and finally is mood in Doha. No one flies as nicely as he does. Only the canceled award ceremony was a bit embarrassing.

Qatar - High jumper hopes for his country's sports offensive Mutaz Essa Barshim could soon become Qatar's first Olympic champion. In the interview, the high jumper talks about his country's sports offensive.

Who was the star of the evening?

Mutaz Essa Barshim. Qatar's jumper picked up some gold and lo and behold, it's okay: the stadium was packed, even with lots of real catarans, and when the Schlaks of the Gulf sailed over the victory height of 2.37 meters, many freaked out quite a bit. Finally mood in Doha. Judging by the cheering faces, one or the other Qatar is now a new athletics friend. Barshim had also made it exciting. At 2.33 meters, he had two failed attempts, hardly one of those present would have put a cubic meter of natural gas on his compatriot. But Barshim is a real champion. The 2.33 meters he took in the third and the next two heights each in the first attempt. Anyway, no one flies as nicely as Barshim. He suffered another ligament injury last summer and was unable to run for 15 months and came to the World Cup with a season best of 2.29 meters without anything to be expected. And then he becomes the first jumper in history who can defend his world title. Also in his hometown. Almost too cheesy.

What was embarrassing?

As enthusiastic as the spectators were during the jumps, they are not so familiar with the habits of an athletics evening. When her hero Barshim stepped to the award ceremony, he looked into an empty stadium. The first three were all ready, waiting a few minutes, in which nothing happened, because the ceremony was unceremoniously postponed to Saturday. Apparently the speaker system had failed. Or it was a little too stupid for the organizers to audition the Qatari anthem for a few thousand empty seats.

Who was the fastest?

Dalilah Muhammad set a world record over 400 meters hurdles. 52.16 seconds. It takes us so long before he has decided whether he should jump over the hurdle or crawl down below. The US-American did not run far ahead, as one might expect at such a time. Only 0.07 seconds later, the only 20-year-old Sydney McLaughlin came to the finish, it was the third fastest time ever on this track.

What was even scarcer?

The finish over 3,000 meters obstacle of the men. After catching up on the home stretch decided at the end of a hundredth of a second. The Kenyan Conseslus Kipruto won in spite of strange hurdles before the Ethiopian Lamecha Girma. It was the closest decision in the World Cup history of this distance. By the way, since 1991 a runner born in Kenya has always won in this discipline. Let's see if other nations will send their runners at the upcoming World Cup.

What did the Germans do?

Nothing. After gold and bronze the day before, the German team went empty on Friday night. The discus throwers Nadine Müller, Claudine Vita and Kristin Pudenz were only Eighth, Ninth and Eleventh. The German men's relay is eliminated over 4 times 100 meters in the lead. After all, the women managed it over the same distance although scarce, but at least in the final. The most appealing sports performance from the German perspective, the new decathlon world champion Niklas Kaul, who asked himself the day after his triumph despite little sleep in front of the TV cameras, always said the same thing and still did not nod.

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