J1 Shonan director interviewed in Power Hara “Our effort with his supremacy…” October 4, 21:07

Shounan Belle Mare, director of Shonan Bellmare of soccer J1, had a press conference after receiving sanctions from the J-League for his power harassment, and said, “I'm sorry for my inconvenience. "I apologized."

On the evening of the Belle Mare ’s power choreography of Chow, the J-League announced the results of the survey. did.

In response to this, Director Chou held a press conference with the club's chairman and president, and said, “I worked hard on my inconvenience to the players, staff, and many people who had a hard time with my problems. I apologized. "

On top of that, I just said that I can't do this from today at the moment.

In addition, Director Cho has already reluctant to conduct five games after the power harassment problem was discovered, so he can participate in the league match with Kawasaki Frontale scheduled for the 6th. ”Football requires tremendous power, and it ’s difficult to conduct unless the person ’s feelings move forward.”

* There is only one butterfly centered on the vertical bar of “Cao”.

J-League Cup first win with hot blood instruction

* Director Choi is 50 years old from Kyoto. During his active days, he played as a defender at Sakai Reisol and Urawa Reds.

After retiring in 1997, I learned how to teach football at a German university.

He returned to Japan in 2000 and joined Bellmare in 2005 after serving as a junior youth director for Kawasaki Frontale and a coach for Cerezo Osaka.

At Bellmare, he first served as the manager of the training era, and from 2012 he became the top team manager.

After taking office, Belle Mare was promoted to J1 three times, and last year was one of the three major titles in the country, winning the J League Cup for the first time.

However, since the power harassment problem was discovered in July and the J-League began its investigation, he had refrained from teaching team practice and conducting games.

A series of violence and power harassment by leaders

In the sporting world, violence and power harassment of leaders have continued since last year, and their qualities are being questioned.

In the sports world, it was revealed that last year's fourth consecutive victory in the Olympics in the wrestling team, Ichiro Tsuji, received power harassment from the former head of the Japanese wrestling association, Eiwajin. The Wrestling Association's third-party committee recognized power harassment, and Mr. Sakae resigned as the head of the Wrestling Association's Strengthening Headquarters last April and lost his leadership.

Also, in American football, Nihon University players were injured by fouling the opponent players from the back in regular games with Kwansei Gakuin University, and the third party committee established by the university was problematic. Regarding the background, the final report pointed out that the department was a dictatorial organization of former director Masato Uchida and had a guidance policy that could be called a power harassment that put a heavy burden on players.

In July, however, the manager of Takashi Ogata, a professional baseball player in Hiroshima, called a player who failed to sprint in the game to the director's office and slammed him several times with his hands. I decided to dispose.
Ogata continued to lead the team, but on the 1st of this month, he announced that he would resign after taking responsibility for missing the fourth consecutive league title and entering the climax series.

In addition, in the basketball boys, B2 ’s Kagawa Five Arrows head coach Kohei Eto flew and kicked in the locker room, and other players had violent acts and repeated rants. The B-League has decided to suspend all duties in the official game, such as team command, for one year.