Rugby World Cup Japan National Team entered Aichi October 3 18:23

On the 5th at the Rugby World Cup Japan Tournament, the Japanese national team will face the third round of the first league and the Samoa match at Toyota Stadium in Aichi Prefecture.

Before the game, the players entered Aichi Prefecture on the afternoon of the 3rd.

So far, Japan, which has won two consecutive first league matches, arrived at JR Nagoya Station on the Shinkansen in the afternoon of the third day before the match against Samoa on the fifth day.

When players such as Jamie Joseph Head Coach and Captain's Reach Michael showed up, fans who were present were taking pictures with their smartphones and calling out “Do your best”.

In addition, two locals from Aichi Prefecture, Yu Tamura, the command tower, and Kazuki Himeno, the forward, boarded the bus to Toyota City, the game venue, with a relaxed expression.

A man in his 40's in Nagoya said, “I was lucky because it happened to be a street. I would like Himeno from Aichi to do my best in the game against Samoa.”