High school baseball professional wish notification Ofunato Sasaki and Seiryo Okugawa et al. 139 people October 3 18:06

Prior to the draft meeting of professional baseball held on the 17th of this month, submission of the “Professional Proposal Notification” was closed on the 3rd, and 139 high school students such as Iwate Ofunato High School pitcher Saki Aki who pitched a ball speed of 163 km submitted did.

The submission of the “Professional Proposal Notification” required by high school students and college students who wish to become professionals is closed on the 3rd. According to the Takano Ren-Japan High School Baseball Federation, 139 high school students, 16 more than last year, submitted.

Among them, pitcher Sasaki of Ofunato High School has a straight line of more than 160 km, and Nippon Ham has declared the first nomination, and several teams are listed as first place candidates.

In addition, Ishikawa Seiryo High School ace, who won the second place in national high school baseball in summer, pitcher Tokunobu Okukawa manipulated a sharp changing ball in addition to the fastest ball of 154 km, and rated it as “high school student number one” in terms of perfection It has been.

In addition to pitcher Sasaki and pitcher Okugawa, the four players who were active in the national team under 18 years old, Okayama Soshi Gakuen's Nishijunya pitcher and Yokohama High School's Masataka Oikawa pitcher were also called “High School Big 4”, both of which are aspiring Submitted a notification.

A professional baseball draft meeting will be held in Tokyo on the 17th of this month.