Junior Frida Karlsson got her big break at the Seefeld Ski World Championships when she took two individual medals, a bronze and a silver, as well as a gold in the baton. The successes created an echo in the long world and her mental coach Stig Wiklund called her "God-blessed".

But with success comes pressure.

- There has been little else actually. It became a bit much this spring and there was a lot to take in and land in, ”Karlsson tells SVT Sport, and continues:

- I have worked on trying to keep the personality Frida Karlsson and continue to be confident in myself. In addition, I have gone in and worked on performance a little later this year than I usually do.

Can you tell us something specific that you and your coach have been working on?

- I have worked a lot on developing things I appreciate and have really focused on producing the positive image of a day or week.

"In five years I'll be at my best"

The waiting season is her first "real" season at senior level, which means that she is part of the same training group as Charlotte Kalla and Co, and that she will be regular in the World Cup.

Stina Nilsson, Hanna Falk, Jonna Sundling, Frida Karlsson and Charlotte Kalla during a press conference. Photo: BILDBYRÅN

- I will take each race at a time. I'm not saying I'm going to win the World Cup, that's not my expectation. Goal setting is so difficult because I can only affect my own riding. I see this as a good year to get into the World Cup circus seriously.

And the future plan for the Sollefteå-born super talent is clear.

- It's in five years I'll be at my best.

The 2019/2020 season lacks championships but includes both the Tour de Ski, Ski Tour and the World Cup. The competitions you see as usual in SVT's Winter studio.

Remembering back to Frida Karlsson's success year:


Frida Karlsson's success year Photo: Bildbyrån