Rugby World Cup Samoa “Aggressive Scrum” Inagaki Enthusiasm October 2 15:39

At the Rugby World Cup Japan Tournament, the Japanese national team practiced in Tokyo for the 3rd round of the first league match against Samoa on the 5th of this month, and the forward player Keita Inagaki said, “We will build an aggressive scrum. "I spoke with enthusiasm.

In the Rugby World Cup, Japan, which has won two consecutive first league leagues, practiced in Tokyo for the third game with Samoa on the 5th of this month, and some of the indoor stretches were released to the press.

One of the points is whether Japan can re-enact a battle of equal strength or more in a powerful game, such as Scrum, which pushes back the opponent as shown in the game against Ireland, which has won a historic victory, against Samoa, which has a large physique. Become.

After practice, Prog Inagaki, the leader of the scrum, met, “The game against Ireland is over, and it ’s important to be 100% ready for the game against Samoa. Samoa is a very strong scrum. I will attack, so I would like to build a scrum with a mind to attack, too. "

Prop Gu Ji-won also said at the conference: “I was very confident that I pushed Ireland back with Scrum. "I want to aim for it."