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It was the Barcelona of fury and faith. Discipline and delivery. From rebellion to collapse. Gone is the lyric, and the tremendous print of Arturo Vidal grows. Valverde sat down Busquets, entrusted his luck to agonizing football, and avoided capital punishment by Inter thanks to one of those matches that Luis Suarez will remember forever. Because, with his two goals, he traced a night that seemed lost. His first shot from the front, sublime, left the stadium breathless. Although the earthquake came already in the twilight, when it ran from the heart of the area after Messi lay halfway between Inter. Suarez insists on denying his twilight. [2-1: Narration and statistics]

And that the first time ventured a completely different outcome. To interpret a black suit you just have to see the gesture of who wears it. Valverde passed that section with his hands in his pockets, his eyes lost and his lips closed. At most he snorted. The bearing was that of the gravedigger. Antonio Conte , a few meters away, screamed and waved his arms as if they were the mill blades that Don Quijote saw in his path. Barcelona and Inter were not during the first part but the vital extension of their coaches.

He had spent Barcelona the week exhibiting his cannibalism, with the dressing room and the managers twisting his neck in the media window. A power struggle in a stage with aroma at the end of the journey, with Bartomeu in the final stretch of his mandate and the foremen of the wardrobe defending a corral from which age increasingly separates them. The consequences were intuited on the grass. Inter de Conte, with the joviality and joy of the first few times, began as lightning in front of a Barcelona in which Piqué and Lenglet mutated in scarecrows before Alexis and, above all, Lautaro Martínez.

Goal in three minutes

The exhibition officiated at that inaugural act by the young Argentine Inter striker, just 22 years old, sticks him in the shop window. It took three minutes for Lautaro to tear apart the defensive fabric of Barcelona. Piqué advanced when he shouldn't. He tried a clearing in the middle of the noise and the ball bounced on Busquets. Who came for the leather was Lautaro, who ran before a Lenglet who did not even know how to hinder him. He shot hard and crossed left-handed, too difficult for Ter Stegen.

The alignment of Barcelona should not predict such a scenario. Valverde had recovered Messi for the cause , with Griezmann and Suarez as companions. In the throat appeared the three most gifted footballers, Busquets, Arthur and De Jong. While in defense, only one left-handed side was to be missed. Injured Alba and Junior Firpo, it was up to Semedo to occupy a shore that is not his.

Inter seemed not to worry. Godín, De Vrij and Skriniar closed and forced the lament. Without open ends and with little sides to throw into the bush, the sentence came in the central funnel. The plays were drowned there, and the vertiginous exits plotted by Sensi, a footballer who got tired of throwing Lautaro and Alexis, were born.

Arturo Vidal, the answer

The former Racing Club de Avellaneda footballer transferred this time to Piqué, although he was left without an angle or shot before the referee indicated an offside that he was not. Yes the referee was right in a goal annulled to Cadreva. What's more. Barcelona looked behind his back. Semedo avoided a shot at the corner of Barella and Ter Stegen, with his iron mitt , avoided a followed goal by Lautaro.

But Valverde did not give up, and looked for solutions on those roads that he used to live with so much pleasure. Arturo Vidal was his answer, although for that he had to sit down Busquets, a constant this season. The Chilean began to push between the lines, frightened in his own way the dockers who populated the rival area and gave himself the pleasure of assisting Luis Suarez in his redeeming goal . Messi, cautious in the face of so much injury, eventually dismembered. Inter panicked. And Barcelona, ​​in a trance.

Messi grabbed the ball. Caracoleó until he saw how Suarez was about to break down the doors of Eden. «Death is not private; it does not simply stop breathing and everything ends, ” Graham Greene wrote. Luis Suarez could not finish without replying. The end must wait.

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