Volleyball Men's World Cup Japan defeats Italy in the first match October 1 22:13

The volleyball boy's World Cup kicked off on the 1st, and Japan won the first star in a straight win against the strong Italian player.

The volleyball World Cup is an international competition held once every four years, with 12 teams participating.

The boys started on the 1st, and Japan, who was ranked 11th in the world ranking, was in Fukuoka City, and played 3rd in the world against the Rio de Janeiro Olympic silver medal Italy.

In Japan, the first set, 19 years old for the first time in the World Cup, Yushi Nishida, the high-spike spike, the Japanese ace, Yuki Ishikawa's sharp serve and spike, etc. scored 25-17.

Japan continued to attack Nishida and Ishikawa, and then took the second set 25:19. Although the third set allowed the opponent to lead in the early stages, the midfield scored 5 points in a row. , Took 25 to 21 and defeated Italy with a set count of 3 to 0 straight, and started off with a white star.

The tournament will be held in 12 rounds by 12 teams in Fukuoka, Nagano and Hiroshima.

Japan will play against Poland, which is 4th in the world in the second game on the 2nd.