• Chronicle: Real Madrid chews fear
  • Facts: The worst start in the history of Real Madrid in the Champions League
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Zidane and only Zidane has left Real Madrid on the verge of a new European ridicule, which would have already overcome the gruesome, because the last tragedy would have been with the Bruges. No more less. A team from the second European row. Casemiro saved what looked like another sovereign disaster.

In the first 45 minutes, Zidane showed that he had neither studied the Witches nor knew how to play him. He is always choked by fast teams, given his tendency to


Without positional sense, Varane and Sergio Ramos were treated as two lousy and very slow defenses. Zidane left all the meters for two atomic ants to break with their goals all their nefarious tactical planning. The Nigerians Tau and that nightmare called Dennis only made gaps in the Madrid waterline.

So the team drifted. Instantly he looked like a shipwrecked man or a possessed man who did not play, he only gave anger. But who could make a goal? Hazard , whose fitness is reportable? Or that phenomenon of Benzema , which is never, especially in the Charmartín matches, in the mouth of the goal or something similar?

Once again, because of Zidane's tactical rigidity, those who could supply the two bullets of the Bruges were not pressed. In the end, he blamed Courtois for saving his ass somehow.

In the second part, more of the same, but the decisive intervention of Areola broke the possibility of a third Belgian goal, which would have already been the catastrophe. Once again, Ramos tried to remedy the wreck, although he had been horrible in defense.

Although the Witches had seen the witches of fear. It wrinkled. He got into his shell like a scared crab. With the expulsion of Captain Vormer came in the last breath what the Belgian team failed to defend, because he got the vertigo of a success against a European champion.

Madrid is not dead in Europe, but is in a coma. And the worst. There is no improvement, with his coach in a state of perpetual catastrophe, disoriented, without ideas. With the sin of having given two matterazos to Bale and James , their hated favorites. Touched, they weren't even on the bench, like Mariano .

But all he achieved was to dimension his disastrous phobias further. Betting in favor of Lucas Vázquez - is he the level of player that the French likes? - and of a Modric who is not to play a full game was to piss off even more a Florentine who is not to doubt, is that he no longer understands. Like any madridista with common sense.

Honestly, the best thing for Real Madrid, who says he wants so much, is to resign. It has no resources and, in addition, with its obcecations only damages the club, which is sure to return to crisis. It is not a matter of players. It is a matter of Marseilles being a capricious, prisoner of his phobias. Besides, he no longer has the elixir flower. The aura lost her the day she decided to make the embarrassing scare .

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