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Seven goals Against Tottenham . In London. The dimension of the win (2-7) achieved by Bayern Munich comments on its own. Also the counterpart, the depression in which the English team is plunged, who already tied in Greece on the first day and who lives 10 points behind Liverpool in the Premier League. Serge Gnabry , with four goals, was the great protagonist of a night for the history of Bayern, from now the main rival to beat this Champions League.

Perhaps Pochettino begins to think about what is better to leave a place when you are on top, instead of waiting for the decline. His Tottenham, in full tactical readjustment to continue growing, suffered a very hard night, in which his defensive and emotional deficiencies were left naked, light years away from the energetic team that last year managed to reach the end of this same competition. The defeat is those that demolishes, live or deferred, projects. We will have to see if Pochettino is able to lift a team that now seems completely exhausted.

Son's early goal drew a match script that was not such, because the Germans immediately rose to impose their dominance on the match. Kimmich tied in three minutes with a rabid shot from the front and Lewandowski , after a first part of delicious football, with continuous alternatives and prominence of both goalkeepers, traced the result just before the break.

The topic of the psychological goal was good on this occasion, since Tottenham returned from the locker room and Gnabry took advantage of it to score two goals in ten minutes. Seeing Aurier so surpassed by the German, it is hard to understand why Pochettino let Trippier leave for Atlético. Kane cut distances after a debatable Coman penalty and Tottenham risked trying to save the furniture. A dare that Bayern punished for cruelty and forcefulness, since Gnabry (on two other occasions) and Lewandowski raised the Bavarian account to seven goals.

Blunt triumph of Juve

Juventus , meanwhile, dispatched comfortably to Bayer Leverkusen in Turin (3-0; Higuain , Bernardeschi and Cristiano ), which allows him to place himself in front of his group tied at four points with Atlético. The City found more trouble to beat Dinai Zagreb (2-0) of Dani Olmo at home . He had to wait until 66 to get ahead thanks to Sterling and did not mark the second, Foden's work, until the discount.

He also won, although in his case by the minimum (0-1) the PSG at the home of the Galatasaray , with a bit of Icardi , a reference in the absence of Neymar, Mbappé and Cavani. The Parisian triumph leaves Real Madrid five points and three goals apart from the first place in the group they share. Apart from the Spanish teams, the day was completed with the victory of Shakhtar at Atalanta's house (1-2) and that of the Red Star against Olympiacos in Belgrade (3-1).

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