Rugby World Cup Japan national team breakthrough of the first league will not be decided in the next game, October 1 2:58

Because Scotland won Scotland vs. Samoa in the Rugby World Cup Japan, Group A, Japan's first league breakthrough was not decided in the next game against Samoa.

Japan will face Samoa in the 3rd round of the 1st league on October 5th and Scotland in the final round on the 13th.

Both teams played at Misaki Park Stadium in Kobe on the 30th night, and Scotland won Samoa 34-0.

In Scotland, Scrum Half's Graig Raidrow, who scored 20 points from Japan last time, played an active part in this game, scoring 12 points, and the kick accuracy was still alive.

In addition, the first try of the tournament team in the first half of 29 minutes started with a kick to the opposite side behind the standoff Finn Russell player.

The drop goal set by Stuart Hogg, a full-back player just before the end of the first half, was also vivid.

Japan seems to be the key to how to prevent the last game against Scotland, the attack that made use of the opponent's kick.

On the other hand, the defeated Samoa echoed the slow start of defensive, with 32 tackle misses.

In addition, two players were suspended for 3 matches with dangerous tackles in the first match, and Ed Fidow, a wing player, received two yellow cards and was sent off.

In contrast to Samoa, which lacks the mainstay, Japan wants to break the opponent's defenses in the next game, a quick pass with a strong taste, increase the number of points, and earn bonus points.

In Group A, all five teams finished 2 games and the top 4 teams had a difference of 4 points or less. Therefore, the first league break in Japan was not decided in the next game against Samoa.