Japan National Rugby National Team to negotiate with Joseph Head Coach on September 30 at 21:48

Interviews with officials revealed that Japan Rugby National Team Jamie Joseph Head Coach is going to negotiate on the basic route that the Japan Rugby Association will continue after the World Cup Japan Games.

The Japan National Team, led by Joseph Head Coach, won a victory over Russia in the first round of the first league at the World Cup Japan Tournament, which opened on the 20th of this month. And got the best start with two consecutive wins.

The contract with Joseph Head Coach is until December, but there is no reason for the Japan Rugby Association to replace it, and it is said that the policy is to proceed with negotiations on the basic route to continue after the tournament. I understood from the interview.

Prior to the tournament, the Joseph Head Coach also expressed a positive intention to continue, but there is also information from overseas that there is a request to become a leader.

Under these circumstances, the Japan Rugby Association will make a formal request for continued investment on the agenda at the next month's board of directors as adjustments to conditions such as contract money proceed.

As for Joseph Head Coach, Vice Chairman Katsuyuki Kiyomiya and Yuichiro Fujii Chairman of the Japan Rugby Association expressed the idea that continued investment is desirable.