Cardiff City still has to pay FC Nantes about 6 million euros for the deceased Emiliano Sala, the FIFA Players' Status Committee (PSC) announced on Monday.

The English club from the Championship refused to pay the first payment of more than 5 million pounds (about 6 million euros) of the total transfer fee of 15 million pounds (17.5 million euros) for Sala. As a result, FC Nantes had filed a complaint with FIFA at the end of February.

According to British media, Cardiff wanted to argue with FIFA that the transfer from Sala is not valid. The attacker's contract was allegedly rejected by the Premier League (where Cardiff City played last season) because it did not comply with the rules. The Argentinian died before a new commitment could be drawn up.

The Players' Status Committee, as the FIFA committee that deals with this matter is called, has decided, after discussing the case (last Wednesday), that the English club is not right and still has to transfer the millions to the Ligue 1 club.

Cardiff City and FC Nantes have ten days to appeal the ruling. That must be done at the international sports tribunal CAS.

28-year-old Sala died in January when he flew from his old club Nantes in France to his new club Cardiff City. The plane disappeared above the Channel. A few days later he was found in the water by divers. Pilot David Ibbotson also did not survive the accident.

FIFA rule Cardiff must pay Nantes 6million euros for transfer of the late Emiliano Sala

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