Rugby World Cup next match Samoa head coach praises Japan representative September 29 15:02

On the 28th at the Rugby World Cup Japan tournament, Samoa's head coach praised the next opponent, Samoa ’s head coach, for a historic victory from Ireland, one of the winning candidates.

Samoa, where Japan will play in the 3rd round of the first league on the 5th of next month, will face the match against Scotland at the Misaki Park Stadium in Kobe on the 30th.

Samoa's Steve Jackson head coach met on the 29th before the match.

In this case, the Jackson coach said Japan had a historic victory from Ireland, one of the winning candidates: “Japan proved that if you hold the ball and pass quickly, you can win against the powerhouse. It was praised.

On top of that, “We may be able to upset the game. Tomorrow ’s game is just as well as practice, and it ’s important to do what I ’ve been telling the players for the past few days.” I was talking.

On the other hand, about the two players who had taken a dangerous tackle in the first game, they were suspended for 3 games. “The absence of 2 players does not affect the game against Scotland. I was suspended, but our play is accidental and completely different. I want World Rugby's judgment to be consistent. I want to keep an eye on the future. "

Samoa made final adjustments at the game venue prior to the interview, and veterans who have played in the top leagues of Japan, 37-year-old standoffs, Tusi Pissi, etc. worked on a game using a ball with a relaxed expression, the next day Prepared for the game against Scotland.