Rugby World Cup next month's game may be canceled due to a typhoon on September 29 at 18:26

The Organizing Committee of the Rugby World Cup Japan announced that the French-America match scheduled for February 2 in Fukuoka may not be possible due to the typhoon.

This was announced by the organizing committee of the convention on the 29th. According to this, it is possible that the France-America game scheduled at Hakata-no-Mori Stadium in Fukuoka City on the 2nd of next month could not be held due to the influence of Typhoon No. 18 approaching Japan. I told you.

According to the latest information, the expected course of the typhoon is moving away from the coast of Japan and the risk of impact seems to be decreasing, but it will eventually be canceled in consideration of the safety aspects of the audience and team officials It is to judge whether or not.

If the cancellation is decided before the match in the primary league, there is no postponement to the next day and both teams will be drawn.