Al Wahda striker Sebastian Tigale continued his specialization in scoring goals against Al Jazira team, reinforcing his historical goal scores in direct confrontations to 23 goals, after scoring a penalty in the meeting that brought the two teams, the evening before yesterday, in the round. Second of the Arabian Gulf Football League, which ended with the victory of «Annabi» 3-2. In his press statements after the match, Tigale corrected the number of goals he scored on the island, saying: «scored 23 goals and not 22 in various competitions».

It is noteworthy that in the last nine games in the «Abu Dhabi Derby», the Argentine player alone scored 14 goals at a rate of more than 1.8 goals per game, including scoring «hat-trick» in three games, the largest toll of the 13 goals scored by all the players in the island combined The nine.

"It is great to get so many goals against their opponents," Tigale said. "The numbers are great but for me it is not so important. What is always important for me is to get off the pitch and try to help my team win every game."

The Argentine striker added: «It is not true that I play games against Al Jazira or Al Ain with my full strength, while my performance in the rest of the games decreases, it is certainly not the case, but in derby games I have a great motivation and this is the same thing the other party, I always strive "To do my best to help the team win."

Al-Jazira tops the first place among the league clubs that have received goals from Tigali, including «hat-trick» in 3 games, and the net came Dibba in second place, where it received 20 goals, including «hat-trick» in three encounters, and the third goal of Sharjah with 19 goals, Among them were "five" in one match.

Al Wasl conceded 15 goals to be in fourth place, while 12 goals were scored against Ajman including Super Hattrick, Al Nasr 12, Al Dhafra received 11, Bani Yas 10, Fujairah 10 and 10. Goals in youth Ahli «before and after the merger», while the net received Al Ain 9, while the net of Kalba Union received only 4 goals, and 3 in Hatta as the least teams league.

The Argentinian top scorer has scored 138 goals in the Arabian Gulf League, second behind Fahd Khamis, with 165 goals, widening the gap to five with Al Jazira striker Ali Mabkhout, who is third with 133 goals.

Tigale moved to Al Wahda in the 2013-2014 season, scoring 28 goals in his first season in the league, 15 goals in the second year, and 25 in the third, while his goals in the 2016/17 season have dropped after scoring only 19 goals, but his numbers It returned to the top after scoring 23 goals in the following season, while ending last season with 27 to be crowned the league's top scorer.

The Argentinian top scorer said the derby motivates him to score, but he is playing all the games with the same determination.

Tigale goals in league clubs

23 on the island (including hat-trick in 3 times)

20 in Dibba (hat-trick in 3 times)

19 in Sharjah (5 in one match)

15 in the connection

12 in Ajman (4 in one match)

12 in victory

11 in Al Dhafra

10 in Bani Yas

10 in Shabab Al Ahli (before and after integration)

10 in Fujairah

9 in the eye

4 in the union of Kalba

3 in Hatta