Rugby Japan National Team wins "Rush Defense" September 29, 00:00

The game against Ireland where Japan once again surprised the world. Hiroshi Yoshida, a freelance journalist who has been interviewing the Japan national rugby team for over 20 years, pointed out that “Rush Defense”, which quickly tackles the opponent with the ball, was effective.

Mr. Yoshida said, “I think there are various factors in the victory, but I think the best is the defense. The symbolic one is“ Rush Defense ”which Japan has practiced many times. Even if he had the ball, he stopped it without giving him time to move on to determine or move to the next play.

On top of that, the significance of this victory in Japan ’s rugby world is: “At the four-year-old England tournament, Japan was almost a no-mark team, but this time it ’s different. Each team is very high, and even the Japanese fans have defeated the top ranking team in front of their abilities. It was expected to increase popularity and recognition. "