Rugby World Cup Japan vs Ireland Many fans at the match venue September 28 12:08

On the 28th at the Rugby World Cup Japan Tournament, the Japanese national team will face Ireland, one of the winning candidates in the second round of the primary league. Many fans have already visited the venue before the start of the game after 4pm, and the crowds are showing off.

Japan, which is ranked 9th in the Rugby World Cup, won the opening game with Russia 30 to 10 and was one of the winners in the second round of the first league held at Ecopa Stadium in Fukuroi, Shizuoka, on the 28th. Compete against Ireland, the 2nd place in the world.

Many fans from Japan and Ireland have visited the square in front of the venue in the morning before the start of the game after 4:00 pm, and they are taking a bustling picture.

A 39-year-old man from Nara Prefecture said, “I think Ireland will be a tougher ranking, but I do n’t know what will happen because there ’s a victory against South Africa four years ago. "I want to support Japan."

A 51-year-old woman from Hamamatsu, who visited a 19-year-old son, prepared handmade paper fans to support both Japan and Ireland, and made a fan with the heart of hospitality. I want you to play a good game, ”Yale said.

A son who goes to a university in Tokyo said, “I look forward to Kotaro Matsushima, the wing player who played an active part in the opening round.

The game starts at 4:15 pm and will be broadcast on NHK on general TV, BS4K, 8K, and Radio No. 1. We will also tell you live on NHK's special Internet site.