Check hundreds of illegal tickets for the Rugby World Cup "Purchase on the official website" September 28, 19:24

The Organizing Committee of the Rugby World Cup Japan has called for purchase on the official website, saying that hundreds of tickets that have been resold illegally in the first week have been confirmed in each match venue.

According to the Organizing Committee of the World Cup Japan, one week after the opening of this month, purchase tickets from unofficial websites that mediate the resale of tickets and from strangers who have spoken around the venue. As a result, hundreds of cases that could not enter the game venue were confirmed.

Of these, approximately 200 illegal tickets were confirmed in the New Zealand-South Africa match, one of the best cards of the first league held at Yokohama International Stadium on the 21st of this month. Dozens of unauthorized tickets were confirmed in other games.

In order to prevent unauthorized resale, the Organizing Committee does not allow the use of tickets unless they are purchased on the official website. If fraud is confirmed, the ticket expires and the entrance to the venue is refused. That ’s why we ’re calling to buy on the official website.