Ahli youth player Ahmed Khalil said that he is ready to join the national team at any time, pointing out that the reason for his apology for the last camp for «white» because of special circumstances, removed him from the team, stressing that he is in the service of the team always.

Khalil said in a press statement, that it is the kind of players who always like to join the national team, explaining: «I expect everything to be better now, and I am at the disposal of the national team at any time, and I am one of the players who always like to be in the team "If coach Bert Marvik calls me, I definitely want to join."

Khalil has apologized for joining the national team camp in Bahrain, in preparation for facing Malaysia in the joint qualifiers for the 2022 World Cup and the Asian Cup 2023, while Dutch coach Bert van Marwijk will announce the list of «white», next week, after the end of the round matches Third of the Arabian Gulf League.

Al-Ghazal Al-Asmar explained that he is not jealous of the brilliance of the young player Mohamed Juma (Pele), and his participation is essential at his expense. "And certainly there will be competition among all the players to participate with the team, which makes the players do everything they have, which ultimately is in the interest of the club and the national team."

Khalil talked about Al-Ahli's 5-1 win over Fujairah, and Dubai Knights topped the Arabian Gulf League standings. “I expect to get three points more important than winning a big result, because in the game we had no alternative but to "We don't want to lose any points early, like last season we lost a lot of points in the first rounds, which affected our chances of competition."

He added: «We must give each game the best, no doubt that the team provided a good game, but there is the best, and we must develop, and overcome the negatives, because there are some things that we must do on the pitch, and the team did not give everything he has» .

As for Al Ahli's clash with Al Jazira in the third round, and its impact on the competition, he said: «Al Jazeera is a strong team and a competitor with a group of good players. "It is undoubtedly a tough and strong game, but the league will not be decided from one game, and we will work to provide the best, and strive not to lose points affecting our career."

Al-Ghazal Al-Asmar concluded his remarks by talking about the return of Al-Ahly youth to play at Rashid Stadium. “Returning to Rashid Stadium is wonderful, especially since we want to restore the beautiful memories that have gathered us in this stadium, which we are very much associated with,” he said.

3 decisions to resolve the fate of Majid Hassan

Al Ahli youth coach Rodolfo Arwabarina said it was not clear if the Dubai Knights player, Majid Hassan, would have surgery or not, adding that it was linked to three decisions, which depend on the player himself, the team doctor, the player's condition in general, and the impact He is currently in London to reveal all the details of his condition.

Speaking at a press conference, Arwabarina talked about the importance of Al-Ahli's victory over Fujairah. “The collection of points in the first stage is very important, and I think we made a good match, especially in the first 20 minutes. Again after Fujairah scored the first goal ».

Bougherra: Fujairah received a "strong blow"

Fujairah coach Majid Bougherra said the 5-1 loss to Al Ahli's Shabab was a "strong blow" for the "Wolves", noting that the match was tough against a strong team competing for the tournament.

Bougherra said in a press conference that if Fujairah achieved a victory over Shabab Al-Ahli, it would be a surprise result, while the loss of «wolves» is normal, noting that the negative thing in the performance of Fujairah players is the lack of focus, compared to what the team appeared in front of Al Wasl Cup Arabian Gulf, unity in the league.

Khalil had apologized for joining the team camp in Bahrain before the last meeting of Malaysia because of special circumstances, and is now ready to join the white if coach Marvik called him.