Volleyball Women's World Cup Japan wins over Serbia on September 28 at 0:37

In the Volleyball Women's World Cup, Japan won a reversal against Serbia after a full set with a set count of 3-2.

Japan, which was ranked 6th in the world ranking of the Volleyball Women's World Cup, which will be the prelude to the Tokyo Olympics next year, was ranked 1st in Osaka City on the 27th and played against the Rio de Janeiro Olympic Silver Medal Serbia.

Japan was pushed by Serbia's momentum and dropped both the first and second sets at 21:25.

Still, in the third set, I lost the opponent with the serve and grabbed the rhythm, and I took 25 to 20 with Yuri Nabeya and Aika Sasakawa.

Japan, who took the fourth set with 25:20, took the lead in the final fifth set, taking the lead from 15: 6, and won the set count 3-2.

The tournament is decided by round-robin battles with 12 teams, and Japan is ranked 8th in the set rate with 4 wins and 5 losses. The remaining two games of Japan will face Argentina, the 10th place in the competition and the 11th place in the world on the 28th.