The immense meadows and humid weather of Yorkshire County overwhelm the African Dirk Coetzee , the best runner in Namibia, the exotic touch of the Sunday Road World Championship, which will start in Leeds and will conclude in Harrogate after completing a 280-kilometer road trip Narrow and full of steep.

This white rodent, with a height of 1.88 in height, represents poor cycling. For him, the conquest of the rainbow is a chimera. The antithesis of Alejandro Valverde . Finishing the test is its great and very complicated objective. His name appears in the first places of those uncomfortable bets on who will be the red lantern. Today, in the list presented by the UCI on the participation of the championship, Coetzee appears in the last position, with number 197. The first, as it could not be otherwise, is Valverde

Coetzee is used to rowing alone. While the Spanish champion will have eight gregarious, he will run alone. No one can stock up on food and drink. You will have to look for life so as not to get caught in the supplies . At 26, nothing has been easy for a runner born in a country with little tradition. His win is barely a triumph in the Good Hope Tour . With its imposing stature, the mountain chokes and defends itself in the plain. Last Wednesday he participated in the individual time trial, finished in 55th place, a quarter of an hour from the winner, Rohan Dennis . Behind him were only Syrian Nazir Jaser and Ghanaian Christopher Sysmonds .

This Sunday, Coetzee will fight alone against a torture of about 300 crushing kilometers. In his ride he could approach the Croatian Antonio Barac and the Argentine Eduardo Sepúlveda , who also run without partners. Their individuality contrasts with the compact group of Spaniards, with nine participants. Belgium, Italy, Holland, France follow the ranking, with eight.

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