Who plays against who?

Also this week again: We collect hearts.

Which game should you not miss?

Leipzig against Schalke, a real top game. The leader of the group Leipzig has not lost any games this season. Julian Nagelsmann carefully tries to banish the team's Rangnick football without overstraining it. The result is very entertaining. But: The opponent from Schalke could theoretically displace the Leipzig from the first place. S04 has won three games in succession. Although Schalke still does not play the nicest, but again successful. For now, one is quite satisfied with this principle "Tedesco" (from year one). And occasional delicacies Amine Harit provides. In the Bundesliga, only a few have a technique as good as that of the Moroccans, usually it takes more than one opponent to stop him. In the past season, he was still often outside, it was said, off the court he is not always positive. But this season he is Schalke's best so far. Last weekend he prepared the first goal against Mainz and made the deciding with the outside rest. Already in Paderborn he had scored two goals. Schalke is currently worth watching for Harit alone.

Which game can you miss with a clear conscience?

BVB against Bremen. Dortmund have a bad mood after just five matchdays. On the one hand, more and more believe that Lucian Favre may not be the right coach. In addition, the draw in Frankfurt along with idle mentality debate has pushed the mood again. Bremen, however, can only laugh about the problems of third place. Last Saturday, ten players were missing. Slowly, the list of injuries is getting shorter, but nurses in Bremen are still a crisis-proof job.

Who is in the spotlight?

Uli Hoeneß - who else? Nobody delivers as steadily as he does. We already said that he will miss us, but as long as he is still there, Uli will be appreciated. Ausgewählten for the second time this year. The South German press should take an example! The latest Hoeness: He threatened the DFB, "no more national players off", should Marc-André ter Stegen future instead of Manuel Neuer in goal. In general, the Jogi Löw would soon "ring their ears". Later, Hoeneß said he would not meet the testimony anymore. It was already too late, and one wonders not only when Hoeneß his sense of debate and the right time to lead them, lost. But also, what actually a Joshua Kimmich of a national team boycott of Bayern holds.