She spontaneously chose to talk about her initial jump of 4.50 which she managed gallantly.

- It was nice to take 4.50 in the first. If I am now trying to get a medal or get a good placement, I want to go into the heights that the others go into. I made a very nice final jump of 4.60 and only if I got a good jump I would be able to, ”Bengtsson says before his third World Cup final for SVT Sport.

It looked easy for Bengtsson when she went in at 4.50 but then became big problem at 4.60 with two rough demolitions. She then succeeded in the third attempt with air.

"It got a little crazy"

- I know she's in pretty good shape but then it got a little crazy. We moved her 15 centimeters in the last attempt and then it was so easy. I do not know what it is with her and that she should so often take in the third attempt, says her coach Peter Widén relieved with a smile.

The heavy favorites Katerina Stefanidi, Holly Bradshaw and Anzhelika Sidorova were cool and entered first at 4.60 which they took straight away. There will be a drawn-out final on Sunday with 17 jumpers. Bengtsson was 15: a torment.

Michaela Meijer entered already at 4.20 and tore right away. She managed 4.35 in the first. But at 4.50, it stopped after three heavy attempts.