MADRID (Reuters) - Barcelona were fined just 300 euros ($ 329) on Thursday for breaching the rules during a call to former Atletico Madrid striker Antoine Griezmann.

Barcelona signed Griezmann in exchange for the penalty clause in his 120-million-euro contract with Atletico in July but was convicted of negotiating with Griezmann without Atletico's approval.

Atletico had asked Barcelona to pay an additional 80 million euros, pointing out that this amount is the difference between the initial value of the penalty clause in Griezmann's contract and the new value of the penalty clause, where the penalty clause in the player's contract to 120 million euros starting from July 1 last.

The Spanish federation acquitted Griezmann of any responsibility for this.

The Federation admitted in a statement today that this small fine will not prompt other clubs to deal differently with such matters in the future.

The federation said Barcelona had negotiated with Griezmann but could not prove the signing of a contract before July 1.

The statement noted: "Barcelona began and completed negotiations with Griezmann without prior notification to Atletico Madrid."