The key to the Rugby World Cup Irish strategy is September 27 at 0:17

“What is the key to capturing the biggest league in Ireland, Ireland?” The Japanese national team facing the Rugby World Cup. The game against Ireland, the biggest enemy of the first league, is approaching. We will pay attention to three important points for the final tournament advancement.

Kick processing

The first point is the response to kicks such as high punts. In the opening game with Russia, Japan ran out of mistakes in the kick process, such as losing points from the high punt catch mistake immediately after the start.

For Japan, which is inferior in physique, including South Africa, where a test match was held before the tournament, it seems that competition in the air is a weak point, and Ireland is expected to kick in intensively.

So, Joseph Head Coach usually used William Tupou, who is 1 meter and 88 centimeters tall, to play in the last fullback, and Ryohei Yamanaka, who is 1 meter and 88 centimeters tall, was also selected for the fullback. .

Tupou who made a catching mistake in Russia against the opponent's first try. At the interview, I was sworn in insulting, "My job is to take highball properly. It is important to play consistently."

In a match against the world's powerhouses, it is important to know how stable the kick can be handled as one mistake is fatal.

Forward funburi

The second is the response to Irish strong forward. Ireland has a strong forward, such as Captain Rory Best, and the team's mainstay in the first round against Scotland is the success of all scrum and lineout set plays.

Coach Hashikawa, coaching the scrum at the Japanese national team, how to compete against the world's top class forward, pointed out that "the other party should not be able to assemble with 100% power" and revealed that it is taking detailed measures It was.

In addition, Prof Nakajima Ishireri, a prop member, said that “double tackle”, in which two people tackle simultaneously on the upper body and lower body, is important for a rush that takes advantage of the opponent's physical.

In addition, Shota Horie, a hooker, confident that "I have the confidence to win if I do what I have been taught for the last four years. It is very important to do my job."

If you can play in the forward battle, which is the opponent's characteristic, and pull the flow, you should see the winning machine.

Double action

The third is how to break the defense of Irish iron walls that did not allow the opponent to try in the first round.

Even if the key for that is knocked down by a tackle, there is a movement of “double action” that gets up immediately and carries the ball forward again.

The lifeline of Japanese attacks is a rapid development that takes advantage of speed. However, the attack cannot be deployed in the first place unless the ball is moved forward under pressure from a large opponent.

Without stopping the movement, move forward a little. “Double Action” is a thorough effort by Japan as a strategy to win over the world's powerhouses.

And Kazuki Himeno can be said to be a child of double action. The game against Ireland was appointed by a flanker on behalf of the captain's reach.

In the game against Russia, which was appointed at Number Eight, the team moved forward with the “double action” many times and moved forward, the number of times the ball was carried and the distance traveled.

Himeno said, “I became confident in the opening game. My role is to carry the ball forward and gain momentum for the team. This is the biggest point I can play for my rugby, so I want to come forward.” It is out.

Continue to advance with the "double action" that has been polished, and bring it to the rapid development that is the Japanese characteristic.

It seems to be a point to take away the try. Pay attention to the three points I gave you and feel the growth of the representative of Japan!
(Responsible: Rugby World Cup coverage team reporter Kotoshi Konno).