FIFA has announced a number of transfer changes on Wednesday. The most important measures are a maximum number of players rented out per club and a maximum of premiums for observers.

The World Football Association received a number of recommendations from the stakeholder committee on Wednesday, which includes Ajax director Edwin van der Sar.

If the plans are approved by FIFA, the agent's commission will from now on amount to a maximum of 10 percent of the selling club's transfer income, plus 3 percent of the player's income. In addition, the number of advocates that a player may have had is limited.

Stakeholders also recommend reintroducing a licensing system for business observers and that there should be a FIFA panel that mediates in conflicts between business observers, players and clubs.

Clubs will soon be allowed to rent a maximum of six players aged 22 or over

With the proposed measures on lease agreements, FIFA wants to prevent clubs from having a large number of players under contract. Some English top clubs in particular have dozens of players who often operate elsewhere on a rental basis.

From the 2020/2021 season, a club should be allowed to rent a maximum of eight players aged 22 or over. Two years later, that number must be reduced to six, of whom a maximum of three between the same clubs.

If that rule is applied, for example, Vitesse can no longer rent more than three Chelsea players, as was sometimes the case in recent seasons.

The plans are discussed at the next meeting of the FIFA Council on 24 October.