Alexander Kokorin and Pavel Mamaev have been at large for a week now and are gradually returning to their usual football life. Forward “Zenith” arrived at the location of his team, and the ex-midfielder of “Krasnodar” freed from contractual obligations to the former club and in the status of a free agent is looking for new employment options.

At the same time, the fourth defendant in the case, the ex-midfielder of the Tver “Volga”, children's coach Alexander Protasovitsky, is still behind bars.

On September 24, the Klintsovsky City Court of the Bryansk Region rescheduled the hearing of the case on parole, this time on October 1. This is the second time that the defense’s petition has been postponed: initially, the issue of early release of Protasovitsky was to be decided on September 10, three days after it became known that Kokorin and Mamaev were satisfied.

The court was postponed due to the late arrival of one of the lawyers of the convict. According to Protasovitsky’s main defender Tatyana Prilipko, the lawyer who filed the application, despite notifications and approvals, did not appear in the courtroom to hear the case at the appointed time.

“He literally ran here, but he knew that today we have a process, but today he had one more. I note that, unlike him, I traveled 500 kilometers, probably, like all journalists. Yesterday I warned him that the trial would most likely be in a colony, and not in court. Today he told me with clear eyes that he was at the right time in court, ”the lawyer told reporters.

At the same time, the lawyer insists that, despite these circumstances, the judge had to start work and make a protracted decision on parole.

“The principle of defense was not violated, because I was in the person of a lawyer. It was possible to work. Protasovitsky and even the prosecutor supported me, did not object to the start of the hearings without a lawyer who submitted documents. But the judge made this epoch-making decision. I believe that this is a violation of Protasovitsky’s right to consider the issue and a violation of the right to defense, ”Prilipko explained.

However, despite another delay in resolving the long-awaited issue, the defense side of the last defendant in a high-profile case believes in a positive outcome. According to the lawyer, Protasovitsky established himself well in the colony and during his stay in the Bryansk institution of the FSIN did not receive a single reprimand or even a comment.

“The colony provided an additional characteristic, and it is very positive. So the FSIN represented advocate for parole for Alexander. In addition, I think that the position of the prosecutor’s office will also be generally positive, ”the lawyer suggested.

At the same time, three penalties that he received while in jail may also affect the final court decision regarding Protasovitsky’s release under freedom of parole.

However, the defense side continues to insist on their illegitimacy, and the prosecutor’s office is completing the audit initiated by the Public Monitoring Commission.

In addition, the lawyer claims that the case contains false information about Protasovitsky’s refusal to admit his misconduct.

Prilipko also said that she did not exclude the relationship of recent events with the course of the preliminary investigation, in which, according to the lawyer, Alexander defended his friends.

At the same time, the players themselves did not come to the court to Protasovitsky. Earlier, immediately after the release of the Kokorins and Mamaev, lawyers announced the desire of athletes to come to Bryansk, but plans changed over time.

“Sasha knew that they would come. Waited for them. But at the same time, we are well aware that they now have their own problems associated with football. Kokorin is already in St. Petersburg, Mamaev solves issues with the new club. Well, they didn’t come, they didn’t. What can you do, ”said the lawyer.

In addition, the protector of Protasovitsky recommended that journalists do not bother with the questions of the parents of his client.

“Please do not touch them. Leave it alone. Once again they come here and leave without a decision. It’s hard for anyone. Alexander also does not feel very well. Today he went to court with the intention of leaving home in ten days, ”the lawyer admitted.

Thus, the term of detention of Protasovitsky in custody lasted at least until October 11th. The convicted person will be released that day if on October 1 the court decides on his parole.