Japan-US Defense Minister's first telephone conference

Defense Minister Kono met with the US Secretary of Defense Esper on the night of the 23rd on the telephone for the first time after taking office, and South Korea decided to abolish the military information comprehensive protection agreement = “GSOMIA”. They agreed that the cooperation between the three countries is important.

Defense Minister Kono revealed at the press conference after the cabinet meeting on the 23rd night that he had met for the first time after taking office with the US Secretary of Defense Esper.

Both parties agreed to work closely together to strengthen the Japan-US alliance and steadily move the US military Futenma base to Henoko, Nago City.

He then confirmed that it was important to fully implement the UN Security Council resolution for the complete and irreversible disposal of all weapons of mass destruction and ballistic missiles of all ranges in response to North Korea.

In addition, in recognition of Korea's decision to abolish the Military Information Comprehensive Protection Agreement = “GSOMIA”, it is agreed that the cooperation between Japan, the United States, and South Korea in terms of security is important for regional stability. Did.

Both sides exchanged opinions on the situation in the Middle East, which was getting worse, and Minister Kono shared the idea that Japan will strive to alleviate tension, focusing on diplomatic efforts.