Wrestling Satoshi Icho “I have n’t decided”

On the 24th, Icho Aoi, who had virtually lost the possibility of participating in the Tokyo Olympics in wrestling, announced a comment. I would like to continue, ”he said.

The 36-year-old Italian player who won the fourth consecutive Olympics was aiming to participate in the next year's Tokyo Olympics with five consecutive wins. I was appointed as an Olympic representative.

Furthermore, the possibility of being able to participate in the Tokyo Olympics has virtually disappeared because the candidate has been decided for the 62kg class, which is one level above and the 53kg class, which is one level below.

In response to this situation, Ichiro announced comments through his company on the 24th.

In this, Ito said, “I haven't decided anything about the future at this moment, but I will continue to do my best to make wrestling more attractive as a player / instructor. I ’d like to continue and thank you for your continued support. ”

Icho is expected to continue to practice and instruct athletes at universities in Tokyo.