Fukushima Prefecture Azuma Stadium, Olympic softball / baseball venue Press release September 24, 15:14

The renovation work for Fukushima City's prefectural Azuma Stadium, which will be the venue for the next year's Tokyo Olympic softball and baseball games, is almost complete, and it has been released to the press.

In the prefectural Azuma stadium in Fukushima City, six softball games and one baseball game will be held at the Tokyo Olympics. The renovation work that lasted about 1.3 billion yen from October last year was almost over, and it was released to the press on the 24th.

The ground, which used to be natural turf and soil, was replaced with artificial turf with good drainage, and the fences were cushioned to prevent players from getting injured.

At the spectator seat, the number of wheelchair elevators on the staircase is increased to five, and the number of wheelchair-specific watching decks is five times that of the previous 20 people. In the future, there will be an elevator installation between the front entrance and the spectator seats.

At the prefectural Azuma Stadium, a professional baseball game will be held on the 28th of this month.

“We look forward to a tournament that can give back to the support we have received from the world in the earthquake,” said Toshikawa Yasushi, General Manager, Planning and Administration Department, Fukushima Prefecture Kita Construction Office.