Heavy rain causes serious problems on Tuesday for the World Cycling Championships in Yorkshire. The weather conditions play a major role in the time trial for promises, which is held on the course on which the women will also have to race later in the day.

Images show that parts of the roads are under water and that several promising riders have already fallen. It is not yet known whether the circumstances have consequences for the women's time trial.

Among others the Hungarian Attila Valter and European champion Johan Price-Pejtersen from Denmark went down in a huge puddle. Several riders had to get off the bike on the wet track.

On behalf of the Netherlands, title defender Annemiek van Vleuten, Anna van der Breggen and Lucinda Brand participate in the women's competition, the first of which starts at 3.50 p.m.

Van Vleuten, who is the last to leave the starting podium at 17.08, is the towering favorite and can win her third world title in a row. In that case she equals Jeannie Longo, the only woman with at least three world titles on the time trial.

# Yorkshire2019 -Valter Attila 'crash. Probably questioning his life choices in between the time he knew he was going to crash and eventually crashing.

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For the app users: tap the tweet above for pictures of the fall of the Hungarian promise Attila Valter due to the rain.

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