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Ferguson's call, the last battle of Cormier and Nurmagomedov in the Russian Book of Records: what is being discussed in the UFC world


The first number of the UFC lightweight rating, Tony Ferguson, called on the promotion management to organize a fight with the current champion Khabib Nurmagomedov at the UFC 245 tournament, which will be held on December 14, 2019. At the same time, Dustin Porrier is also not opposed to go into the octagon against El Kukuy, if Khabib, who wants to conduct the next battle in Russia, refuses to fight. Meanwhile, Abdulmanap Nurmagomedov fell into the Russian Book of Records, and Daniel Cormier said that a possible revenge against Stipe Miocic would be the last fight in his career.

Ferguson's statement and Dustin's readiness

More than two weeks after the victory of Khabib Nurmagomedov over Dustin Porrier at the UFC 242 tournament in Abu Dhabi, the Russian fighter remains in the spotlight of the world of mixed martial arts. Even before the fight, the undefeated champion spoke about the desire to have another match at the end of 2019.

Most of all on this subject speaks the current first number of the UFC lightweight rating. At the moment, Tony Ferguson is the main contender for the championship title and intends to get his chance in the very near future. The American repeatedly appealed to the leadership of the promotion through social networks, in the hope of forcing Dana White to organize a battle with Nurmagomedov.

“I am sure that we can find a little place for the good old booby Nurmagomedov. Dana White, let it happen on December 14, ”Ferguson wrote on his Twitter page.

Apparently, now the word remains with Nurmagomedov. White himself has repeatedly stated that he considers Ferguson the main contender for the belt and intends to organize a battle between the athletes. At the same time, her time and place will be agreed with Habib, and Tony will have to agree to the conditions put forward to him. Recently, a Russian expressed confidence that his next fight will be held in Russia, but do not exclude the appearance of the Russian at the UFC 245 tournament in Las Vegas, scheduled for December 14.

“I think that this (Nurmagomedov’s fight in Russia. - RT ) is real! I look at the pace of UFC development in the country, and there are already all the prerequisites that such a tournament is possible. The show in Abu Dhabi was held approximately in the same time zone, and the results on the sale of paid broadcasts were very successful. Therefore, I think the next step for Khabib is precisely the battle in Russia, ”M-1 Global press service quotes Russian heavyweight Alexander Volkov.

But if Nurmagomedov does not want to fight in Nevada, then Ferguson will be able to beat another. The former contender for the title Dustin Porrier has already declared his desire to measure his strength with El Kukuy. So, he left his comment on a message calling for an appointment with Habib.

“If he (Khabib. - RT ) cannot, then I will do it,” wrote Porrier.

However, Ferguson himself is unlikely to agree to such a proposal. He had been waiting long enough for his chance to fight with Nurmagomedov and would not want to put him on the line in a battle with such a dangerous opponent. Of course, he surpasses Dustin in most aspects, but in mixed martial arts, one blow can often solve everything. In addition, a victory will not give Tony any dividends and will only delay a possible meeting with Habib, while a defeat can put an end to his champion ambitions.

Pretty Sure We Can Make Some Room For Good Ol'Fathead @TeamKhabib # TeamTiramisuTakeover @ ufc @ danawhite Make It Happen # DefendorVacate # Accepted @ BallengeeGroup Dec 14 -Champ Shit Only ™ ️ 🇺🇸🏆🇲🇽

- Tony Ferguson (@TonyFergusonXT) September 22, 2019

Opponents for Nurmagomedov and the confidence of the coach of Saint-Pierre

Ferguson has long been considered one of the most dangerous rivals for Nurmagomedov. This was confirmed by many experts and the father of the Russian Abdulmanap. But, according to lightweight Dan Hooker, there are several more athletes in the division who could impose a serious fight on Habib.

“I believe that this whole sport comes down to how we combine in terms of styles. It seems to me that at the moment Gatgi is the worst opponent for Nurmagomedov. I believe that Justin, Donald Cerrone and Kevin Lee would have caused him a lot of difficulties, ”Hooker told

One of the leading trainers of the Tristar Gym Hall, Firas Zahabi, also spoke on this topic. As the mentor of Georges Saint-Pierre on the ReRooted YouTube channel said, at the moment there are only two fighters of the light division who are able to compete with Nurmagomedov on equal terms.

“He (Nurmagomedov. - RT ) is the best lightweight in history. The only dangerous rival is Tony Ferguson. Because he is good at jiu-jitsu. He is very aggressive from the bottom, he can get up from the stalls to the rack. Islam Makhachev is also dangerous, but since he is training with Khabib, there will be no battle between them. These are two people who already have a chance to defeat Nurmagomedov, ”Zahabi quoted Allboxing.

In addition, the expert shared his opinion about a possible battle between Nurmagomedov and Saint-Pierre. According to Zahabi, Khabib is his favorite fighter from those whom he does not train, but George seems to him a more versatile athlete and surpasses his counterpart in the stance.

“If George had decided to fight in a safe manner, which I would not have expected, then he could have shot Khabib with his feet. His chances of knocking him to the back of Nurmagomedov are as great as that of his opponent. Plus, he prepares takedowns more smoothly, ”said Zahabi.

According to the expert, Nurmagomedov may have serious problems with transferring such an opponent as Saint-Pierre to canvas.

“Habib performs takedowns with a very low grip. This is very difficult to do on such a massive and powerful opponent as Georges. The advantage in the stance will ensure St. Pierre's dominance in the fight, ”concluded Zahabi.

Opinion Masvidalya

Also, one of the most talked about UFC fighters at the moment admitted to his respect for Nurmagomedov. Jorge Masvidal talked about his future battle with Nate Diaz at a tournament in New York and compared Habib with reigning welterweight champion Camaru Usman.

“I was given several names, among which was Usman. I gave my consent, but he refused. Then they threatened him that if he did not fight, then his belt would be taken away. After the Nigerian called and said that he was ready, but at that moment it was too late. He was answered: “We have Nate Diaz who really wants to fight,” the American told The Bloody Elbow.

Also, the third welterweight number believes that the Nigerian is poor in shock resistance and made a comparison between Usman and Nurmagomedov.

“He does not strike, even when he has such a chance, and his opponent is already lying on the floor. He is inactive. Not that I did not respect the fighters. I am well with their community. For example, to Habib, because he always tries to win ahead of schedule, tries to work with his hands and go to asphyxiates, ”Masvidal said.

Nurmagomedov Sr. record and the last battle of Cormier

While Habib continues to recover from a fight with Dustin Porrier, his father is reaping the fruits of his labors. So, Abdulmanap Nurmagomedov was included in the Russian Book of Records as a coach with the largest number of pupils who became world sambo champions. Judging by the information on the official website of the project, at the moment there are already 18 people.

Soon, the former UFC champion in two weight categories, Daniel Cormier, can also engage in coaching. In August, he lost by knockout to Stipa Miocic and lost the heavyweight title, after which he seriously thought about ending his career. But, as it turned out later, he decided to postpone the departure from the sport for the sake of revenge.

At the moment, the date of the fight remains unknown, but it is clear that he will be the last in the career of a famous athlete. So, Cormier himself said that he would hang gloves on a nail, regardless of the outcome of the battle.

“I will fight this guy again ... My opponent should be Stipe. The rest do not matter to me. This fight will be the last for me, ”admitted Cormier ESPN.

He said that he was not going to beg Miocic for a rematch and hoped for the good faith of his opponent. According to him, Stipe should do the same as he had previously, and agree to a return meeting.

“We will repeat it. The real enmity between the heavyweights is beneficial to the sport, I think this is what is happening now between me and Stipe. I intend to return and finish the work, ”Cormier concluded.

Previously, athletes met each other twice in the octagon. In July 2018, at the UFC 226 tournament, Cormier knocked out Miocic in the first round. So, Daniel not only became one of the seven fighters in the history of UFC who owned titles in two weight categories, but also interrupted the winning strepe of six fights.

The revenge took place on the UFC 241 show and became one of the most exciting heavy division in history. For three rounds, Miocic was seriously inferior to his counterpart, but in the fourth he managed to organize an incredible comeback and win by technical knockout.

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