Comment from Seibu coach and player of professional baseball Pacific League championship September 25, 5:38

Seibu won the professional baseball and Pacific League for the second consecutive year. Comments from the director and players.

Director Tsuji “I thought it was hard to win”

Director Hidehiko Tsuji said at the conference that “only words of joy are coming out. In addition to the mainstay of throwing, the catcher also missed, so there was great anxiety in terms of strength, and I really thought that the victory was difficult until the beginning of August. “I think that the reason why I won the championship was because the athletes did it as if they were doing it themselves,” he said with a smile.

Akiyama: “I ’m so happy that I ’ve been tough

Shogo Akiyama, who pulled the team as the captain, said, “When we lost and Softbank won, we couldn't afford to get a magic number for Softbank. But it was a difficult season, so I ’m happy that much. ”

Nakamura "I'm really happy"

Satoshi Nakamura, who has been sitting at No. 4 in the middle of the season and has scored 123 hits to the top of the league so far, said, “I am very happy. I couldn't get the winning ball, but it was better because the last was a strikeout. ”

Masuda "I thought I'd throw it happily"

Tadashi Masuda, who became a pitcher, was handed the ball directly by Director Hatsuhiko Tsuji when he climbed to the 9th mound. “I was happy. I was grateful for having used it for a year and I thought I would throw it happily at the end.”

Hirai “I was relieved to win the championship”

“I would like to thank the coach and coach who used it, and I ’m sorry for other pitchers and fielders at the end of the season because there are so many hits,” I was relieved to have won, though there was no feeling. "

Mori “It was kind of hard”

The catcher Tomoya Mori, who has scored the top batting average of the league so far and pulled the team in the offense and defense, said, “It was hard. I think I was able to do this season with a feeling that defense and batting are different.”