Rugby World Cup Samoa practice before the first match Play against Japan in the first league September 23, 17:31

Samoa, who played against Japan in the first league of the Rugby World Cup Japan, practiced before the first match against Russia on the 24th.

Samoa will be the first game of the tournament on the 24th, and will face Russia, where Japan won in the opening round.

Samoa made the final adjustment on the morning of the 23rd at the Kumagaya Rugby Field in Saitama Prefecture.

Only a part of the beginning of the exercise is open to the public, and he plays an active part in the top league Suntory. After the World Cup, he joined the Toyota Tower locomotive, Toshi Pisi, and the captain, a large flanker with a height of 1 meter 98 cm, Christopher The buoys were running and stretching in a relaxed state.

Steve Jackson Head Coach, who met after the practice, said, “The World Cup is a special game, and some teams that are nervous are watching, but we want to have a good performance while enjoying,” he said. I was talking about "I have the impression that it will develop quickly".

Captain Buoy said, “I came to Japan for the first time. The ground is beautiful and close to the spectator seats. I ’m ready for tomorrow. The player is dangerous. I think it ’s very strong. ”

Samoa will fight against Scotland on the 24th and then against Scotland, and will play against Japan in Round 3 on the 5th of next month.